Why Writing With A Fountain Pen Is Good For You?

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Nowadays, more and more people shun away from writing with their hands and prefer to type on either computers or mobile phones or tablets. And yet, there are an increasing number of people who realise that writing with a fountain pen is good for them.

But why is that?

Well, here are 5 reasons why writing with a fountain pen is good for you.

#1. Longer writing session

writing with a fountain pen is good for longer writing session
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Fountain pen works by gradually releasing a small amount of ink at a time, hence better ink flow and less pressure needs to be exerted when you write with it.

Since you feel less pressure, you will find yourself able to relax your wrists and write with such lightness. Therefore, you will be able to write more and longer compared to writing with other pens.

#2. Refillability

fountain pen is refillable
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If you are given a choice, would you want to refill the ink of your favourite pen?

Because writing with a fountain pen means you will use lots of ink and the more you write, the more often you have to refill your fountain pen. If you who have a favourite fountain pen, this is good news since you can keep using it without stressing out that one day it will be out of production.

If you are wondering, the most common methods of refilling a fountain pen are either refilling it from a bottled ink or using ink cartridges.

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#3. Experiment with many different inks

writing with a fountain pen allows you to experiment with many inks
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If in the past there were limited choices of ink colours, now in modern times there are myriads of ink colours to choose from. Not just colours though, there are inks that come with glitters, scents and iron gall property.

The choice is yours to make.

For example, if you are going to use your fountain pen in an office setting, then dark coloured inks will suit you best. A great ink choice would be De Atramentis Document Ink since it is waterproof, permanent and of high quality materials. Moreover, if you are an artist, it will be great ink to use for sketching.

#4. More savings in the long run

writing with a fountain pen leads to more savings in the long run
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Since refilling a fountain pen can be done with a bottled ink, you won’t have to keep buying new pens every now and then. 

One bottle of ink can last you a long time; months or years, depending on your usage.

If you want to extend the usage of bottled inks, here is a tip: use an extra fine nib on your fountain pen. The amount of ink flowed out will be lesser, therefore you won’t reach out to your bottled inks as often as using bold or stub nibs.

This is one of the strong reasons why writing with a fountain pen is good for you and most importantly, good for your wallet 😀

#5. Boost Creativity

writing with a fountain pen boost creativity
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Due to the flexibility of choosing inks, using fountain pens helps to bring out the artist inside of you.

Moreover, some brands offer fountain pens with interchangeable nibs, such as Lamy or Kaweco. Thus, you can express yourself in writing freely or create beautiful & stunning artworks for your loved ones.

In addition, some people who use fountain pens may begin to learn cursive handwriting or even better, calligraphy. Usually, the most common cursive handwriting scripts to learn are Copperplate and Spencerian.

And that’s some of the reasons why writing with a fountain pen is good for you.

Whether those reasons resonate with you, it is up to you to decide or discover.

Well, do you have other reasons you can add to the list above?