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14 Tips To Work From Anywhere (Plus Bonus At The End)

Hi there, are you currently working from anywhere? Or is this your first time? Don’t worry because you are not alone!  Since more and more people nowadays do it, it is becoming a common sight, especially if you hang out a lot in cafes, libraries, co-working...

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5 Types of Fountain Pen Filling Mechanisms

Fountain pens come in many colours, materials, inks and filling mechanisms. When people buy their first fountain pens, they will usually choose cartridges since it seems to be the easiest and safest choice. As time goes by, they will start eyeing other ink types and...

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Why Writing With A Fountain Pen Is Good For You?

Nowadays, more and more people shun away from writing with their hands and prefer to type on either computers or mobile phones or tablets. And yet, there are an increasing number of people who realise that writing with a fountain pen is good for them. But why is that?...

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